HST 360: Research and Innovation Policy

Schedule, Reading List, & Assignments:

The schedule and assignments are subject to change during the semester. If you rely on a printed version of this schedule, please check back here regularly to make sure you have the most current version.

Last revised: April 13, 2015

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Date Topic Reading Assignment Assignment
Mon 1/26 Research and Innovation Policy: What's at Stake? In-class Reading: Perspectives on Research and Innovation

- The Vital Role of Research in Preserving the American Dream
- The Science of Innovation
- Transforming Innovation Policy
- What is Responsible Research and Innovation?

Mon 2/2 Capitalism, Innovation, and Creative Destruction Readings:

- Selections from Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (Canvas)

Reading guide and questions

- Surowiecki, Creative Destruction?
- Gordon, The Death of Innovation, the End of Growth

Reading response 1 due (Canvas Discussion): answer any three questions from Part II in the Schumpeter reading guide
Mon 2/9 The American System of Innovation Readings:

- Hounshell, “The Evolution of Industrial Research in the United States” (Canvas)
- Nelson and Rosenberg, “Technological Innovation and National Systems” (Canvas)
- A. Michael Noll," The Industrial Research Lab: Relic of the Past?" (Canvas)

Blog assignment 1 due (see the Discussion page in Canvas for details)
Tues 2/17
NB: Tuesday 2/17 follows a Monday class schedule
Dilemmas of Research and Innovation Policy Readings:

- American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Restoring the Foundation (read the executive summary)
- Sweeney, Technology Science
- Vinsel, How to Give Up the I-Word, Part I and Part II
- Winner, How the Ideology of Innovation Harms Development

Blog assignment 2 due (Canvas)
Mon 2/23 Computer Networking: Research, Innovation, and Standards

Guest lecture: Paul Nikolich, Chairman of IEEE 802 Committee


- Pelkey, Entrepreneurial Capitalism and Innovation, Chapter 6, "Networking: Diffusion, 1973-1979" (especially 6.5-6.7)
- von Burg and Kenney, Sponsors, Communities, and Standards: Ethernet vs Token Ring in the Local Area Networking Business
- Contreras, IEEE Amends its Patent (FRAND) Policy
- IEEE Approves Updated Patent Policy
- Karachalios & Lach, IEEE's Policy for Patented Technologies

Project topic due

Blog assignment 3 due (Canvas)

Mon 3/2 Responsible Research and Innovation I Readings:

- Interview with Jack Stilgoe
- Stilgoe, Owen, and Macnaghten, Developing a Framework for Responsible Innovation
- Exploring Responsible Innovation Through Haiku

Blog assignment 4 due (Canvas)


Mon 3/9 Responsible Research and Innovation II Explore:

- Responsible Research and Innovation in Action (13 projects)
- ABC News, K-Cup Inventor John Sylvan Admits He Doesn't Use 'Expensive' Coffee Pods
In-class report due on RRI in Action

Research project description and bibliography due

Mon 3/16 No class - Spring Break    
Mon 3/23 The American Entrepreneurial State: Technology, Innovation, and Growth Reading:

- Mazzucato, The Entrepreneurial State, pages 1-86

Reading Response, pp 1-86 (Canvas)
Mon 3/30 iPhone, Green Technology, and Clean Technology Readings:

- Mazzucato, The Entrepreneurial State, pages 87-164
- Parramore, How Superstar Companies Like Apple Are Killing America's High-Tech Future

Reading response, pp 87-164 (Canvas)

Project update due

Mon 4/6 A New Framework Reading:

- Mazzucato, The Entrepreneurial State, pages 165-198
- Thierer, Thinking about innovation policy debates
- Hiltzik, Inside GOP Science, Part 2

Reading response, pp 165-198 (Canvas)

Project annotated bibliography and outline due

Mon 4/13 Silicon Valley Readings:

- PBS American Experience, Silicon Valley
- Rotman, Technology and Inequality
- Kelly, Facebook Changes its Motto
- CNN, Poor kids of Silicon Valley

Blog assignment 5 due (Canvas)
Mon 4/20 What's Next? Watch:

- Holdren, Science and Technology Policy in the Obama Administration: A Progress Report
- PBS, Car of the Future
- BBC Horizon, Playing God

Blog assignment due (Canvas)
Mon 4/27 Research & Innovation Policy in the 21st Century Student Presentations  
Mon 5/4 Research & Innovation Policy in the 21st Century Student Presentations Final project essay due
  Take-home Final Exam due TBA    


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