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HST 120: Introduction to Science & Technology Studies
Dr. Andrew L. Russell
Office Telephone: 201-216-5400
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 2.00-2.50 pm and by appointment
Office: Morton 329

FALL 2013
Tuesday, 10:00-10:50 am (Peirce 218); and Thursday, 10:00-11:45 am (Lieb 120)

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Course Description

This course examines the politics and morality of science and technology. It uses an interdisciplinary perspective, known as Science and Technology Studies (STS), that includes anthropology, history, philosophy, and sociology. It begins by exploring the history of the field, which arose from scientists' concerns about nuclear arms, atomic energy, and environmental degradation.  It will introduce basic concepts such as social construction and technological determinism.  Topics will include social studies of scientific community, the pursuits of objectivity, how politics and values are built into technologies, and perceptions of technological and environmental risk.  The course emphasizes conceptual tools that students can apply in their own encounters with science and technology.

Course and Program Objectives and Outcomes

Writing and Communications Center:

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Grades and Course Policies

Attendance is mandatory. Any absences must be accounted for by notifying me before the start of class. Otherwise I will need verification from an outside authority (i.e., doctor, coach, another professor) explaining why it was necessary for you to miss class. Cell phones should either be turned off or silenced. Computer use should be related to what we are doing in class. You should stay awake at all times. Any students in violation of these simple rules will be marked as absent for that particular class.

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Link to Schedule, Reading List, and Assignments