Course and Program Objectives and Outcomes

This course seeks to advance the mission of the College of Arts & Letters in the following ways:

HHS 312 has the following course outcomes:

Program Outcomes for BA in History

1. Philosophical foundation.  The student will understand the underlying theories and methods used in the study of history, and be able to apply them in individual and team directed research.  
2. Historical foundation.  The student will understand the evolution of the discipline of history in concrete cause and effect relationships, and be able to discern schools of  interpretations such as narrative, empiricism, Annales school, Marxism, cliometrics (quantification), postmodernism, gender based studies, psychohistory, and others.
3. Research.  The student will be able to design and conduct research in history using appropriate theories and methods in thesis research and data collection.  
4. Tools.  The student will be proficient in computing technologies necessary for the  specific discipline.  
5. Professionalism.  The student will achieve a high degree of knowledge, and accountability in an area of history such as the history of science and technology, American history, world history, etc.   
6. Leadership.  The student will be able to develop plans for research projects on a professional level that may lead to a career in education, law, journalism, politics, etc.
7. Teamwork.  The student will be able to contribute to research activity as part of a working team, and facilitate cooperation among the members of the team resulting in a successful project.
8. Communication.  The student will enhance written and oral communication skills using a variety of means to convey significant ideas and proposals.  
9. Ethics.  The student will understand and abide by professional standards of ethics appropriate to the discipline on a professional level.
10. Social issues.  The student will place into contemporary social context information derived from research into past human experiences.
11. Lifetime learning.  The student will be treated as a professional with a lifelong investment in one's field of study and a goal of continuing self-assessment and improvement.